Privacy Policy

1. General info

The  dina butik protects our customers' integrity and has the highest level of security in the personal data we handle. We never sell information to third parties. Below is a description of how we collect and manage personal data.

2. Personal data manager

The cross country of Skellefteå AB org. no. with address Svedjevägen 8 93136 Skellefteå is responsible for personal data processing for the company's processing of personal data.

3. Processing of personal data

When visiting and buying from us via our e-commerce, telephone, e-mail and direct sales. We collect this information in order to execute the agreement with you.

The information comes from the information you provide to us. In addition, we may collect information from “third parties”. These details are address information from public registers and creditworthiness from banks.

4. Personal data collected

When making purchases through us, we collect the following information

Name and identification number


Telephone number and e-mail

Choice of payment method

IP address

When purchasing, you can choose to create an account with us. When creating an account, the following information is collected:

Name and identification number


Telephone number and e-mail

Choice of payment method

IP address

Information about your purchases

If you choose to subscribe to our newsletter, the following information is collected



5. Why do we collect the data.

The seasoning processes your information for the following purposes:

Execute signed agreements regarding purchase, payment and support.

Maintain customer care and customer service

Provide relevant information and offers through our newsletter.

To be able to assess payment options.

To prevent fraud.

Follow legislation, such as the Accounting Act.

For account holders with us, the information is used to save favorite products, see previous purchases and manage the account.

6. Handling of data according to Law  handles personal data in accordance with the laws and regulations that exist. The handling of the various tasks rests on legal grounds so that we can fulfill the commitment to you as a customer.

7. How long do we keep your information

The basic principle is that we do not save your information longer than is required and desired. According to certain legal requirements, e.g. In the Accounting Act, certain information must be saved.

If an account has been registered with, the information remains until the account is deactivated.

8. Who do we disclose information to only discloses information to third parties to the partners we have regarding payment, logistics, communication, IT services and credit information.

We only disclose the information required to carry out the commitment to each partner.

We do not sell information to third parties.


9. Amendment of the privacy policy has the right to change the privacy policy at any time. We will notify you as a customer within a reasonable time. If you do not approve the amendment, you have the right to terminate the agreement before the policy enters into force.

10. Your rights as a customer

As a customer, you have the following rights regarding your customer information.

Right to register extract: As a customer you always have the right to know what information has been collected about you.

Right to Correction: If any of your information is incorrect, you are always entitled to correction.

Right to delete: You always have the right to have your data deleted.

Right of restriction: You may at any time request that your information be used for limited purposes only.

11. Cookies

We use so-called "cookies" to get a good functionality in our internet shop. We do not collect any personal information about you as a visitor. Read more about our Cookie Policy here.

12. Contact information

If you have any questions regarding our handling of personal data, you can easily reach us via e-mail: where we answer all questions regarding personal data.